Citrix Summit 2018 is about to begin! Do you have your activities agenda ready?

Find below our recommendations for the activities that you can't miss, no matter if this is your first Summit or if you are a veteran of the expo!

Before we start with the activity recommendations... We present the all important weather forecast! Anaheim will receive us with a nice temperature between 23°C (73°F) and 10°C (50°F), but it looks like it will be cloudy most of the conference, with chances of low intensity rain. Don't forget to bring your umbrella!


You will have to register when you arrive at the Conference Center and before entering the event. The Registration Desk is specially busy on Mondays, so our recommendation would be to register on Sunday. The registration desk will be open from 8am to 8pm. To complete the registration you will need a photo ID and the email address you used to acquire your pass. If you go on Sunday you should be ready in no time!

Another interesting point when planning your day is the timetable for breakfast and lunch at the event: Breakfast will be served on Monday from 7.30am to 8.15am and on Tuesday from 8am to 9am. Lunch will be served from noon to 1pm on both days.

If you only have time to do a single thing during the conference, we recommend that you go to the keynotes. In these massive events, Citrix executives will present their vision, strategy and new technology for 2018. Do not miss them! These are the keynote schedules:

Vision Keynote
Monday, January 8th, 8.30am
Citrix executives share the strategy that themselves and their partners will follow during 2018.

Tech Talks Keynote
Monday, January 8th, 1.30pm
What tech innovations will 2018 bring to Citrix products? This is the session to answer that important question.

Partner Closing Keynote
Tuesday, January 9th, 4.45pm
This is the best place to get a short summary of the news revealed during the two intense conference days!

Summit 2017 - Vision Keynote

Another big attraction of the conference is the Solutions Expo: Dozens of booths and meeting places to learn about the partners and manufacturers that will help you complement the Citrix solutions in your projects. As a Platinum Sponsor, Flexxible IT will have one of the bigger booths in all the show floor. We will be waiting for you at our booth #202!

Summit 2017 - Solutions Expo

The Solutions Expo is also the place where you can visit the great Citrix Booth Experience and the Citrix Pavilion, attend the Geek Speaks, do some networking and participate in the fun activities prepared for you all over the show floor.

The Solutions Expo is open on Monday from 10am to 1pm and from 6pm to 8pm and on Tuesday from 8.30am to 4.15pm. Do you want a special moment to visit Flexxible IT's booth and the rest of manufacturers and partners? We would like to recommend you the Welcome Reception, where you will be able to take a stroll around the show floor while you enjoy snacks, music and a beer 😉

Welcome Reception
Monday, January 8th, from 6pm to 8pm
Enjoy the best version of the show floor and Flexxible IT's booth while you relax with good music, snacks and maybe even a cocktail!

The sessions and laboratories are the other strong points of Citrix Summit. This year, the sessions are cataloged in five different tracks: Sales, Technical, Marketing, Service Providers and Alliances and Sponsors. Labs will let you configure and experiment with Citrix products using your own laptop. Both activities are incredibly interesting! Visit the session catalog to register for the sessions you find more interesting. You can also take a look at the available labs. You don't need to register in advance for those!

Summit 2017 - Sessions and Labs

Flexxible IT team is really excited to present its own session at this Citrix Summit 2018! You can't miss it:

Flexxible IT Session
Tuesday, January 9th, 9.45am
Room 303A, Anaheim Convention Center
Learn about Flexxible IT's products and how can they help you accelerate your profits this year!

Last but not least... You have to attend the closing party! The Partner Appreciation Party will take place in the beautiful outdoor Grand Plaza of the Anaheim Convention Center and this year it will have a 90s vibe! We can't wait to listen to the pop, hip hop and grunge musical performances Citrix has prepared for us!

Snacks, drinks, music and the perfect networking opportunities will be waiting for you in this outdoor environment to close this year's Citrix Summit.

Summit 2017 - Partner Appreciation Party

Partner Appreciation Party
Tuesday, January 9th, 7.30pm
Outdoor Grand Plaza, Anaheim Convention Center
Pop! Grunge! Hip Hop! Skaters! Graffiti! Food Trucks! Join the event's closing party for a taste of 90s culture and networking opportunities.

Wow! And this may be difficult to believe... But that's not all! The certification center, social inclusion and give back activities, innovation awards... These intense two days promise to be a ton of fun!

You can't miss it!
The Flexxible IT team will be waiting for you in Anaheim!